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The History Of Indonesia's Coffee

As one of the largest coffee-producing countries in the world, Indonesia certainly has many coffee variants which will indulge any coffee enthusiast. From robusta to arabica, Indonesia's coffee production reaches 641,833 tons each year.

The history of the origin of coffee itself goes back 3,000 years in Africa. The benefits of coffee beans began to be appreciated at that time and entered Indonesia in the 17th century. It were later brought by the Dutch who were eager because the climate in their country does not allow coffee to grow properly. The first coffee seeds in Indonesia were sent by the Dutch Governor in Malabar, India, which is an Arabica type originating from Yemen. The coffee seeds were sent to the Dutch governor in Batavia in 1696. Unfortunately, the seeds failed to grow due to the flood.

It was only in 1711 that coffee was successfully grown and exported from Java to Europe through the Dutch trading company, VOC (Verininging Oogst Indies Company). For 10 years, coffee cultivation in Batavia continued to grow rapidly and succeeded in providing enormous profits for the Netherlands. Because of this promising profit, the Dutch then expanded coffee plantations in Indonesia and planted coffee in other parts of Indonesia such as West Java, North Sumatra, Aceh, Bali, Sulawesi and Papua. Almost every Indonesian coffee is grown in highland areas with good soil fertility and weather. That is why coffee products in Indonesia have succeeded in creating various types of Nusantara coffee with the best quality and have become popular in the world.

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Sumatera Coffee is a strong network of companies that share a same tradition and strive for exceptional quality, excellent flavor, and the highest ethical standards. We are proud of our dedication to providing excellent service. We recognize the need of caring for and sustaining today's planet for future generations, and we take that obligation seriously. Our employees are the lifeblood of our company. We are dedicated to fostering a diverse and inviting culture within a secure working environment. Our dedication to assisting our people in being the best that they can be is at the heart of our company strategy.



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Our goal is to give the best product quality and taste and also contribute to coffee in Indonesia.

Arabica Green Bean Gayo

Has a unique characteristic with a distinctive aroma that is different from other coffees in Indonesia. Gayo coffee produces most of the best types of Arabica coffee. The taste of Gayo coffee itself is more bitter with a low acidity level. Its very sharp aroma makes this type of coffee preferred. No wonder this coffee is the largest coffee producer in Asia. Despite its bitter taste, Gayo coffee gives a savory aroma to every sip.

Arabica Green Bean Gayo Asalan

Green Bean Arabica Gayo asalan harvested directly by coffee farmers in Aceh. For the harvesting process, green beans are processed by professional coffee farmers so that they understand the selection of coffee beans and their quality is guaranteed.

Arabica Gayo Specialty

Specialty arabica coffee from Gayo is the best arabica coffee in the world. Among the criteria for coffee classified as specialty class is the coffee that is picked by the farmers, only coffee cherries that are already red in color.

Arabica Gayo Wine

The taste of coffee cherries is what is needed to form the perfect taste of coffee wine. Besides being delicious, Gayo wine coffee is also very beneficial for our health. Especially when working or resting, wine coffee can make the mind more relaxed. Well, for those of you who are coffee fans, don't try this coffee

Arabica Gayo Pea Berry

Often called lanang coffee are coffee beans that are round (not flat) & have a unique and challenging taste.

Arabica Gayo Honey

a method in which fresh coffee cherries are defatted, but allowed to dry without fermentation or washing. Some fruit is still present, but not as much as the natural process. In a cup, Honey coffee tends to be more complex than the washed analogue, but not as often as natural coffee.

Arabica Gayo Wild mongoose

Coffee flavors from varieties selected directly from wild civet in the mountains, washed and processed to perfection, to create a strong aroma. Suitable for those who like coffee with a strong aroma and not too sour.

Arabica Gayo Long berry

Arabica long berry coffee with a special coffee taste, delicious, no other disturbing aroma or taste, original character and feels comfortable when drunk.

Arabica Grade 1

Is one of the best premium coffee in the world. This type of coffee is harvested from plantations in the Central Aceh region. This coffee has a soft & low bitter earthy aroma which is the hallmark of this coffee.

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Alfredo Batallemo

" The Sumatra Coffee has now been our coffee supplier for over three years . Their local service and support has been excellent - a real business partnership working together."

Bao Yu

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Achmad Athafariz


Indonesia exports coffee worth US$1.2 million to Egypt

State-owned trading firm PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (PT PPI) on Wednesday shipped 100 tons of coffee worth US$1.2 million to Egypt. The shipment was sent off by the director general for national export development at the Trade Ministry, Didi Sumedi, and the president director of PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (PT PPI), Nina Sulistyowati. “The coffee …

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Good News, Indonesian Green Coffee Beans Dominate Singapore Market

Indonesian green coffee beans still dominate the Singapore market, and the export of this commodity continues to increase every year, according to the records of the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore. “We should be proud that Indonesia is one of the largest coffee exporting countries in the world. In fact, as one of Singapore’s main trading …

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